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Go to You can click here.


Find in the table in the center of the page and click on the hot link.


The Six Lobe Screws web site will appear. Click on any of the pictures of screws on this page.


This will bring up the next page with six pictures across the page. Click on any picture on this page.


Now you have a menu page where you can search the database by AARON’S (AGS) part number, by your customer part number or any or all of the 8 parameters which are used to define a particular screw.
----------------------------------------------------------The AGS or customer part number will always dominate and therefore these boxes have to be empty before you can use any or all of the 8 parameters for searching.


After having found the screw that you want from the Menu Page, you can click on the description in blue and underlined to get the price of that screw in quantities of 10, 100, 1,000 and a full carton. You will note that the carton price is the most cost effective, but if you do not need a full carton, then other options are available to you.

When you decide what quantity you want, click on the RADIO button in front of the quantity you select. Then select the number of these quantities that you want and place the number in the box and click on ADD TO SHOPPING BASKET.  If you should want to add something more to your shopping basket, hit your browser BACK button and repeat this procedure.

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