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Torx® machine screws and Torx® cap screws in steel, stainless steel and alloy steel. This web store site is dedicated to 100 degree flat head head screws that can be purchased online. Hard to find items our specialty. Shopping is easy and delivery is fast.


You can shop for a Torx® drive fastener by clicking on any of the pictures above or Search our database for a specific fastener or Browse our catalog index.

Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief

According to ASTM Standards, all electroplated parts having a tensile strength of 1200 MPa (174,045.24 psi) or higher must be baked at a minimum of 190ºC for 3 hours or more within 4 hours after electroplating to provide hydrogen embrittlement relief. According to NAS 514, the material used for making the screws must be heat treated to 125 - 145 KSI. This is equivalent to 861.84 MPa and 999.74 MPa respectively. Likewise NAS 517 requires that the material be heat treated to 160 - 180 KSI. This is equivalent to 1103MPa and 1241.06 MPa. Therefore all NAS 517 screws must be baked for 3 hours thus increasing the cost of the screws.

We carry a full line of Torx® drive 100 degree flat head machine screws. All meet the general requirements of NAS 514 and NAS 517 as well as NAS 1800 for Torx® / Six Lobe Drive. If you just want more information about Torx® screws, we have provided a page on this web site where you can get this information. We also carry a full line of machine screw nuts, lock nuts, machine screw washers and lock washers. However, if you should need nuts, washers or other industrial fasteners, please go to the catalog index on the browse page and select the item of your choice.

You can shop and buy these Aerospace fasteners online. These Aerospace fasteners (sujetadores) come with Class 3A thread fit. All screws currently in our database are UNJC and UNJF thread. The regular hex nut, lock nut, washer or lock washer that you might need, for the Torx® machine screws you buy, can be found on the machine screw nuts page or the machine screw washers page on our machine screws web site.

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